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We believe you are looking to dominate your market, that is why you are on this website. We have GREAT News! We can do it for you! The expertise we use will have you dominating the internet in more ways you have never heard of. Fill out or request a quote form and we will call you.

Website BluePrint Marketing | Website Design Marketing Strategy

BluePrint Marketing Report

A digital blueprint marketing report allows you to see everything that needs to be known in order to make an informed decision on your marketing investment.

Digital Marketing Strategy Fror SEO Atlanta

Our digital marketing services cover every aspect of the internet. The digital marketing strategy we use can bring clients from hundreds of areas and not just Google.

Atlanta Website Design Atlanta

Our website design does cater to your company and what you are offering the public. However we also build your website with your potential clients in mind.

Our Skills & Expertise

Computer Construction Company offers only the best digital marketing team that none of our competitors can match. Most of our team has been providing digital marketing services and on and off page SEO since 2001 and or longer, so we know our stuff.


Our digital marketing strategy is unique and based off real data that we gather from our sophisticated marketing tools in our industry. The digital data we gather will setup the blueprint we implement on your website.

Using Retargeting Ads

Studies show retargeting website visitors can increase your sales by 70% and increase your digital branding at the same time. We can handle the retargeting campaign for you.


Give us a call at (678) 218-0400 or fill out our quote form to learn what we can do for you.

We are located in Georgia but serve the United States

Sherry Charek

In 2009, if I had not had Computer Construction Company optimizing my website my son and I would have been living under a bridge.

Leroy Brown

I had Computer Construction Company perform their magical search engine optimization my company's website and I had to call and have them calm it down because the business was crazy!

If you are looking for marketing agency look no farther.

Beverly Bondarew

We can testify that any one interested in expanding their exposure on the web or interested in expanding their Internet advertising should contact Computer Construction Company. It is the way to do it!

Not only can we build you the perfect website but we can make your website your #1 Sales Rep!

Digital Marketing Based Off Of A Digital Blue Print!!!